Squiggly Neon LED Strip


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The Newest Viral Lighting Trend

Our Neon LED Strips are the ultimate addition to your room. Rated the #1 lighting package of 2022, our lights are 100% flexible to bend into any design you dream of.

Adjustable Brightness

All of our Neon LED Strips come with adjustable brightness, perfect for setting the mood for any situation. Upgrade your room in Instantly.

Choose from all of our Color Options

Every Neon LED Strip comes with a remote control, letting you light up your room with different colors in a single click.

Create Endless Shapes and Patterns

Our LED Strips can be cut and flexed to create the perfect design. You can use your imagination endlessly to create as many shapes as you like.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Hailey U.
Definitely recommend!

I wanted a neon sign but they are SO EXPENSIVE especially for the size I wanted. I found this and it was perfect!! Definitely recommend!

Brandon S.
It's really worth the price.

I have bought a lot of different lights for my gaming room and this is by far the coolest one!!! It's really worth the price.

Matthew H.
Wonderful brightness, customizability, value, and coolness

This is the best bang for your buck smart light on the market! I own like 20 hue products and they don’t come close to the brightness, customizability, value, or coolness of the rope. Buy one now!

Sammy K.
You can add a unique look to your room.

I have been looking at getting a neon sign for my room for a while but never pulled the trigger to how pricey they were and how limited they were when it came to customization. This however is not the case with the neon rope, it is extremely customizable when it comes to colors and its shape. For the price I highly recommend this product is you're looking to add a unique look to your room.

Laura B.
Beautiful and different lighting effects

This rope light is beautiful. Even during the day it's bright enough to use and at night it can illuminate a good size area. And, it's all the different lighting effects this thing can do that makes it so awesome, and you can customize them and make your own.

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