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Simply Plug & Play

Use it with any Android or iOS device. You can even use it on other Type-C devices such as a camera or laptop. No extra software is needed, simply plug and play. Record up to 10 hours of uninterrupted audio on a single charge. No more dealing with messy wires. Capture any moment at the speed of sound, and order yours today!

  You can link to the device at any position within 20 meters, high-performance wireless microphone, stable signal, and unlimited free recording. Omnidirectional microphone with professional-grade noise reduction chips and wind muff, effective identification of the original sound, clear recording in a noisy environment.

Triple-Level Noise Cancellation

Reducing unwanted background noise is as easy as 1-2-3 when you have the right tech by your side.

Use On Various Occasions

The lapel microphone can be used directly when you play YouTube, Facebook Live stream or Vlog, etc. No matter what you need, your new portable microphone is ready and waiting to make it happen with ease.

What Happy Customers Are Saying

❝I liked the microphone so much because it is the ideal wireless microphone with good sound quality and performance, I have used the device for interviewing or in meetings, which brought a pleasant experience. the transmitter and receiver are easily paired. Overall it is so simple to set up, the best choice for me.❞


❝This microphone has worked really well. I’m a pastor and I put it on my coat collar with my mic lapel on my tie and there is no interference. It makes it loud and clear on Facebook while I’m still loud and clear for church. Great buy, quick shipping, easy installation!!❞

John F.

❝The product is being used for Zoom broadcast in a large room. It works great and meets needs. The person speaking is at a distance from the camera but the microphone pulls in sound. Would buy it again.❞

Kathryn L.

Need Support or Not Happy with the Product?

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews

I do a lot of virtual meetings for work and I started to use my phone to dial into those meetings now. But one downside is my iPhone would pick up wind noises and car noises. This adapter helped solve that. I was able to clip it on my shirt while I drive or out at the park. It’s nice to be able to get some fresh air during those boring meetings. I tried it with my wife and she said my voice came through clear and didn’t get much background/wind noises. So I’m happy with these.

Will R.

These work out really great when we’re doing FaceTime with my parents. It’s nice because we can prop the phone up across the room and sit on the couch. We don’t have to have the phone right next to us. And both of us can wear a mic so we’re not yelling across the room or having to share a single mic.

Jeff Y.

This is a really convenient wireless microphone set for outdoor vloggers or streamers like me. No mixers or complex wires needed, I can just plug it into iPhone and that’s it. With this dual mic set I can have a extra guest speaking for my video, the sound is clear and crisp they are kind of focused so they don’t pick up the surrounding noise, that’s good too.


Great wireless microphone. It is a good size and the sound quality is very good. It is easy to use just plug into the phone and go. It’s great for giving presentations, on the job, and personal phone calls. I used it a few times and on one of the phone calls, I specifically asked the other person how the sound quality was since I had noise in my own background at home. They said the noise canceling was working well because they could not hear the noise that I was hearing in my current space. Given that so many people are working from home, this is a great resource and great price for the quality.


First off, I love this! From the size to ease of using it. It is worth it especially if you make any kind of video and need to be hands-free. The sound quality is great. It’s lightweight. Recommend to others! If not for yourself, then as a gift for someone else.

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